Circumcision Resources

Deciding whether or not to circumcise is a complex decision, and all parents want to do what’s best for their children (at least, all the ones I talk to!). Parents, especially those outside of Muslim and Jewish communities, often have questions about whether or not to circumcise. While it’s still prevalent in American society (about 58.3% in the U.S. in 2010, compared to 30% in Canada), it’s becoming less so (the rate was 64.5% in 1979), the reasons for which are cultural, medical, and in some cases economic (some insurance companies no longer cover the procedure).

There are also an increasing number of anti-circumcision websites, with varying tones, and it can be tough navigating their resources when some are extremely negative. To try to make it easier, I’ve collected a few articles and videos here discussing various aspects of circumcision, which will evolve as I find things to add.

Primer on the Penis

Ken McGrath, Senior Lecturer in Pathology at the Faculty of Health, Auckland University

Pediatric & Health Organizations

Babies and Pain

On Circumcision and American Culture

Why Not to Circumcise

The health organizations in the second set of links above list some of the presumed medical benefits of circumcision. Below are some arguments against it.

Christopher L. Guest MD, Co-Founder, Children’s Health and Human Rights Partnership


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