Childbirth Ed Student Resources

Here are some of my favorite resources for pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum. This list is constantly evolving as I come across useful goodies.

Choosing a Care Provider

Pregnancy & Birth



  • The Birth Hour – For birth stories of all types, from home births in an RV to hospital VBACs, you get a sense of the wide range of experiences and options available to parents.
  • Dr. Stu’s Podcast – Dr. Stuart Fischbein, the much-beloved Los Angeles obstetrician trained in physiological breech and twin birth, has a podcast in which he explores birth, medicine, and more. Check this video of a frank breech home birth he attended.
  • Indie Birth – This website is a rich, rich resource for parents and professionals. Maryn Green, a homebirth midwife, offers online training courses for parents and birthworkers, but free resources include “Taking Back Birth,” her fantastic podcast series. She also offers free 20 minute phone consultations for anyone with questions about pregnancy and birth. You might not share her perspective on birth, but she questions a lot of the assumptions about routine practices, which can help us think through some of our many choices around procedures in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


  • Newborn Mothers – Australian postpartum doula Julia Jones has a phenomenal series of free online classes available for parents and for birthworkers thinking about ways to prepare for the postpartum. Drawing on evolutionary science, anthropology, traditional medicine, and contemporary observations, she helps us anticipate what’s coming and create a plan for recovery that facilitates bonding and healing. Also, check out her e-book of Ayurvedic postpartum recipes.
  • Nourishing global recipes for the postpartum.


  • Kelly Mom is my favorite resource for breastfeeding information. I used it a ton after I had my daughter.
  • Pumpspotting is an app that helps mamas locate places to nurse and pump while on the go. Brilliant.
  • Breastfeeding information YouTube playlist, with good examples of what a deep latch looks like and how to get it.
  • My breastfeeding art and inspiration Pinterest board.