Fertility Awareness

Fertility awareness is a sympto-thermal method of birth control and pregnancy achievement that relies on tracking the body’s fertility signals, including changes in basal temperature, cervical fluid, and the cervix itself. For women who are concerned about the health, emotional, and environmental impacts of hormonal and other forms of birth control, or women who are seeking to maximize their chances of pregnancy, fertility awareness is a fantastic method. Side effects include greater knowledge of your body, increased communication with your partner, and empowered self-care!

I run private and group workshops on fertility awareness that equip women with the tools they need to understand what is happening in their bodies, recognize when they are fertile, and how to apply this knowledge to maximize or minimize chances of pregnancy.

Classes are $100 for a three-session course over three months. In sessions #2 and #3, students will have their own charts to review.

  • Class 1: Healthy cycles, signs of fertility, tools for charting, and how to chart
  • Class 2: How to interpret charts, rules for pregnancy avoidance and achievement
  • Class 3: Review, chart interpretation, rules for breastfeeding

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